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Hi im setting up as a childminder, ive done my training, sent off my health documents but im struggling with my dbs. Ive printed off the forms but how do i find/get my application number?? Please help....x

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Im applying as well. it is one of the most complicated and frustrating systems I have ever come across!

My local authority was very helpful, but I was told childminders do now need to apply directly to Ofsted to get a DBS clearance.

in case anyone else needs this information.

Once you have completed Step one and Step 2 and step 3, you pay and submit the information to Ofsted, The DBS/Ofsted will send you a number when they have entered you information onto the system.

You can then use this number, as soon as you receive it online, to register for Step 4 which is the automatic DBS Update .

I was also told not to send my health declaration away to Ofsted until I have submitted the childminding registration form with Ofsted. As Ofsted don't have any way of cross referencing the Health form to a particular name, until the registration document has been set up.

Which makes sense, but its a kind of chicken and egg situation, which one is meant to come first? the documentation says you need to submit the health form before the registration !

My headache at the moment is trying to completely understand what 'training' covers. I am a qualified teacher, with experience of Early years classes, and a good knowledge of the EYFS. wanting to get out of the classroom, but still work with children, So in my head I have the necessary knowledge, but my local authority thinks I need to do a Cache level 3 course before applying, even though theoretically I do already have the necessary knowledge, but to check with Ofsted, so I did , and after an enquiry to Ofsted, I was told to decide for myself, as I might not have the requisite knowledge of how the EYFS applies to toddlers!

Shouldn't this be clarified? What depth of knowledge of the EYFS are they expecting childminders to have?

If you have had special needs children or second language children in your class working through the 12-18 months stage of the learning journey for language development/communication, would ofsted consider this to be enough acceptable experience?

And why is this process quite so expensive.....my health declaration is costing £88 , is this normal?

I am starting to have second thoughts, just because this application process is so horrendous!

When my daughters were small and went to a childminder, , the process was nothing like this!

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