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EYITT training for two staff


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Have any of you supported two members of staff applying or studying for the EYITT training at the same time??


Both of our staff members are key persons and are in Management roles??


If you have how have you managed this??


Thank you very much



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EYITT is so new we haven't done this yet, but have a Training Policy which states we are not usually able to support more than 1 trainee per setting at any one time. Usually we have done this on a first come first served basis, but there was one time we had two who wanted to do EYPP as the same time. We discussed it with the 2 staff members and they came up with their own solution i.e. that the one who really needed it for her role did it first and we promised the 2nd person that they could do it as soon as the other finished. It all worked out and in fact the one who waited was glad in the end as her son had some ill health during that year.

I guess that a key question for you though is, if your 2 are both in management roles, how would you cover the management of the setting? They would probably both need to be out attending Uni on the same day each week for part of they year. Also they will both have to do a placement in a different setting as part of the course. However, you may be able to ask the Uni to plan these so you don't have them on these placements at the same time. When someone is doing the work based route our local Uni sets up an agreement with the setting, relating to the funding the setting receives, so it could be written into something like that.

This sort of thing is always tricky as most of us want to help staff who want further training. Good luck

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I believe your setting can get £14000 for two members of staff if they successfully apply for EYITTP, so I do not see a problem here at all. You can use those money towards employing cover staff for the period of time they will be doing alternative placements. It can be a very challenging year, but if well planned, can be achievable.


The fact that they both are key persons can help them easier to gather evidences for Teaching Standards.


Good luck.

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