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:) Can anyone direct me to any information on the Topic - Homes.


I would lIke to do Human homes and Animal homes.


Thankyou ever so much and Merry Christmas to you all. :D:):o:D

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Just a quick initial thought - The Three Little Pigs - making each of the houses, testing them with a hairdryer. Looking at different brick work and using lego/duplo to copy the pattern. Naming different types of houses. Houses in other parts of the world - igloos, tippees etc. Use junk to make different kinds of houses. I once did the story of the Three Little Pigs and the children then made houses - one boy, who generally was very quiet, spent days on his model and it was fantastic - he made a ladder and an escape chute so the pigs could escape from the big bad wolf - he went into such detail when he was explaining what he'd done - fantastic :o



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a few links for this found on the forum ....got carried away me thinks!!! :o



animal habitats





houses and homes




carried away now more homes!!


Not on homes but on buldings try

Norfolk Planning


Also do not forget travellers and gypsies homes. we are lucky and have a local travellers consortuim where we can access lots of resources about travellers and borrow books puzzles etc.



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The different rooms in the home, what are they used for? how do we furnish them? Helps to get an insight into the childrens family life.

We did this topic last year but instead of going on to do animal homes ( which was planned) the children led us to further explore decorating our homes ( they bought this up through discussions about what they had in their bedrooms) we looked at patterns, colours, paints, rollers, wallpapers, disney characters ( a clear favourite for bedroom design), DIY tools and a quick spontaneous visit to the local B&Q- Great fun. :D



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How about comparing homes around the world? You could use the book A is for Africa and compare a masai mud hut to our traditional houses. (we made a mud hut when we did our topic- the children loved it!)



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