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Hello, I am an NQT who has been in a Nursery class since sept, i have struggled with the organisation of the planning and assessing and how to plan for each child to show progression. I make weekly observations on all the children and next steps on some, Im not sure show what to plan and how to organise it. In my first term i planned for the next steps so all children would be involved, but was told im not doing enough topic work. and also was concerned it was not individual enough. I now plan topic activities weekly and try and include what children need to learn from them, I do put out opportunities for children if and when i can for example talk to children about their interests and print out a picture and use it to mark make for literacy as that was something the child was not doing. but that is just me remembering that day and I need to find a way of recording it, and to plan for it in future. I hope this makes sense. please help, i would like to get sorted so next year is more clearer.

ps my children are in for morning or afternoon session 15 children each session

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