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Just wondered if any of you wonderful people could help me. We are due Ofsted anytime as we have been waiting since 2007. Next week we are having a pretend ofsted to try and prepare us. This is only my second year teaching and I have no experience of ofsted. I teach reception and our topic is all about where food comes from and being healthy. Due to headteachers wishes we are quite formal setting. I wondered if anyone had some good ideas for literacy and maths input and independent activities. Also need some ideas for the continuous provision. In maths we are thinking of doing halving and literacy we are looking at the healthy wolf story. Any ideas will be greatly received.


Ps: thank you already for all the ideas I get from the forum, it's brilliant! X

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making vegetable soup, but unfortunately having the recipe for double the amount so you will conveniently need to halve the amounts!!!! writing own recipe for soup? writing lists of healthy food? unhealthy? make healthy food from dough? paint healthy food or part of the story - i don't know that one. or making a healthy sandwich then sequencing pictures to show order you do things for children to stick on paper and write what to do.

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use the story of the hungry caterpillar - use the fruits from the story to make a fruit salad - cutting up into halves/quarters.

olivers vegetables is a good story too - could explore the different vegetables - also olivers milkskakes - sequence making a milkshake?

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af91ca9f15023620b0fb72ed1d59f202.jpg Make your own Mr Potato Heads...

sorting foods into treats and staples - could be picture cards but better if it is real

Watching Lazytwon 'sportsday' where Sportacus has a sugar meltdown

Teeth brushing - how to do it

Role play Dentists/supermarket (kids make price labels, use till, give change)

Food tasting

Different foods in sensory boxes - cooked spaghetti, soup, toast, peas.... can they guess what they are

making pizzas - making them symmetrical, cooking them and then halving them to try - using knives (blunt) but encouraging them to ensure they are safe

get some stethoscopes and listen to their hearts before and after exercise challenges

Dance class - get all the kids inventing moves that everyone has to copy

challenges to stay fit - who can do the most (skips, jumps etc) in a minute..get them using timers and counting each other's efforts, writing them score cards

foods from around the worlds.. community involvement?


good luck!

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Thank you so much for all your lovely ideas!!


He came on Monday and was very impressed with the classroom environment, In maths we halved the recipe to make soup. He stayed for 20 mins in Literacy. We received a letter from Granny asking Little Red Riding Hood to bring her some healthy food to make her feel better. I had a selection of different foods both healthy and unhealthy and we discussed which ones we should pack. We also used adjectives to describe the food e.g. I would pack the crunchy apple. As we have been working on adjectives the week before. He was very impressed with the language the children were using which I was really pleased about as the children come to us with poor language skills. I had a tuff tray full of fruit with magnifying glasses and paper for children to investigate they loved in and used amazing language and self-initiated writing - he loved that the classroom was multisensory as the classroom smelled of fruit. The top group wrote a reply to granny to explain which foods they were going to take her.


The experience was not as awful as I hoped and was really pleased with the feedback! Just hope we are so lucky when the real Ofsted come!


Thank you for all your ideas! I love reading all the posts on this site :)

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