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Assessing EYFS knowledge and understanding


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Brilliant question where do we start!

What is the aim of the EYFS Foindations /building blocks/ development

7 areas of learning


Assessing there understanding of child development I think is key if they don't know what to exspect and when it's difficult to assess children.

Observation cycle

I also think all staff should read the welfare requirements so they understand why we do things!

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Thanks Zoejackson for your reply.


what specifically could be asked to assess their understanding of child development? do we mean the different ages/stages of development?theorists?

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I think linking development to theory helps them understand why. A good one is attachment and schemas they play such a big part in the early years. So why do children cry! What do they empty toys on the floor? When do they learn to. An age feelings and what can help? Linked these in to speech and language and frustaration and tantrums. But a good understanding of what there key children should be doing what is expected at what age and where can they find information and what steps are taken if SALT is needed.


There is so much you can cover it would take years :)

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