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We use the stickers (think i downloaded them from here?). Staff add these to observations, its quick and easy. Each child has a sheet so we can see how they like to learn and skills we need to encourage.


Happy to attach file if i can figure out how??

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Our ofsted inspection last year said that my staff's understanding of CEL was weak so we have had to do a lot of work on it, ready for an inspection soon. We did some training with the LA and looked at everything, routines, provision, observations to see how they needed to change to support CEL better.

To support staff's increased knowledge, they had to produce a display, based on watching a child and highlighting the CEL shown.

We also did staff training by looking at videos of children taken in the setting and discussing the CEL. Some staff got it, some still struggle with the correct terms but everyone has improved.

What staff struggled with most was supporting CEL, by letting children be more independent in their learning, letting them "get things wrong" rather than always helping them first, stepping back more and letting the children work out what to do next and what they needed. E.g when junk modelling, letting child follow their own ideas, try things that weren't going to work (sticking boxes with glue when they obviously needed tape), not interrupting to do something else, using open ended questions.

Hope all this is useful. It has been a long learning journey for my staff.

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