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We are developing our observations, and I would like some examples of an emerging observation, developing observation and a secure observation.

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Jack is beginning to follow the snacktime routine - he recognises that snack is being prepared - Jack comes to the table. "Jack would you like snack"? - Jack nods - "Jack I will help you was your hands, and then you'll be ready" - Jack comes to the bathroom, together we wash and dry his hands, with adult adding commentary. Jack returns to snack table "well done Jack, your ready for snack"



John comes to the snack table "can I have snack"? - "Have you washed your hands"? - "No" - "Remember wash hands first John"

John goes to the bathroom and returns with washed hands. : )



Joshua comes to snack table -"Ive washed my hands Mrs T can I have snack now?


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