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Hi all


just wanted some clarification. I have two apprentices starting with me next term. Now one is 17 very early on in the term and the other not till August. The EYFS states that practitioners need to be 17 before being counted in ratio, unless they are doing an apprenticeship then they can be counted at 16 provided they are competent.


I just wondered what everybody else does? can I count the one that is 17 in May? even though she is still unqualified. Obviously we need 50% or more qualified staff but all feels 'grey' if you ask me and no one seems to really know the answers. Although I am sure there will be plenty to condemn us if we get it wrong. I do feel that both girls have shown real promise so hopefully they will be competent but again how do you decide? for example If I was to employ someone on the condition they undertook a level 2 and they were over 17 then (although maybe not ideal) but you would still count them in ratio but make sure you were covered with the 50% qualified aspect, so is this any different?


what does everybody else do???




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Just go with your gut feeling. I was told that as long as a student was on a long term placement that they can be counted. Lately some that I have had would NEVER be counted in the staff ratio. I have come to the conclusion that some people are just born naturals with the children other students I feel that I am looking after them and that I have an extra child.

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thank you both for your responses. It is hard. I feel so far they have been showing natural talent with the children and whilst I obviously wouldn't allow them to be key workers just yet they will never be unsupervised but do make very 'good' solid extra hands. however I do not want to 'get it wrong' and apprenticeships are new to me.

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I have given my apprentice (who is 20 but has no qualifications at all in childcare) an even more thorough induction than I would with a more experienced practitioner. She is counted in ratios but often we don't even need her in ratios. I observed her work and I am confident to leave her in charge of supervising a group of children.

She is supervised by her room leader for everything else, eg. leading group times, activities etc. to ensure we are getting the right things out of her and she enjoyed being shown other ways of handling situations.

I have in the past had qualified staff who turned out to be absolutely incompetent to be in ratios. Qualifications mean little to me.


I will be introducing the apprentice to learning journals next week and do some teaching on folder etc. to ensure she understands what is expected. She will start with 2 only. I will also speak to her assessor to see if she has done some relevant units on this as yet, as we may be able to link that to her Level 2 as well.

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