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Hi, I'm not sure I'm posting in the correct place but I have a question re CIL particularly in FS1. I was wondering what people do regarding the children planning what they would like to do? Do you run a 'plan, do, review' session - thinking of children 3+? I'm new to Nursery so just trying to get my head around it all.

Thank you in advance.


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I'm in a Nursery in a school. We have small group time first things (phonics/finger gym) and then ask the children to plan what they would like to do. At first we speak to them individually to get them used to it and then they do it with their talk partners and I will speak to 2 of the pairs. We do a little review at the end but nothing to formal (yet!) It's lovely to see how their ideas change through the year. It's also a good to set your expectations/challenge for play e.g. if they say "I want to play on the bikes." Then we ask them what they are going to do, what will their game be? etc.

Hope that helps

Green Hippo x

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I like Green Hippo's idea! Most of our CIL just comes from observing play - then adding to it with props and resources or if children ask for things eg Can we have the dressing up out! If the choices are fruitful we add them to following weeks planning as CIL.

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Thank you both for your advice. I really do think planning time and review are crucial, whether in FS1 or FS2, to ensure that the children are able to verbalise what they would like to do/ have done. It is also a good way to spark interest in other children, eg 'Look what ... did when they went in the .. today. Perhaps you could try that..'


Thank you :)

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