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Mud kitchen research - can you help me?


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Hello Everyone, I thought I would introduce myself. I have a small extended hours playgroup in Yorkshire where we have had a mud kitchen for almost three years. I have a fascination with children's freely chosen play and in particular the direction that this takes outdoors and specifically in the mud kitchen. Although increasingly I think the whole garden is the mud kitchen! I have been fortunate to receive funding (from the Centre for Research in Early Childhood and the University of Wolverhampton) to study children's play in the Mud Kitchen at PhD level (very scary and exciting at the same time).

I am at the very early stages of this project and have developed a survey monkey to help me understand how children and staff use mud kitchens in their settings. I would be really grateful if you could contribute to my understanding of this phenomena by completing the survey (it takes about 10 minutes). The only condition is that you have (or have had) a mud kitchen in your setting. You can remain completely anonymous if you choose to and there are no compulsory questions!

The link is below


Many thanks

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