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On target, below or above


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This last week has made me doubt my abilities in all aspects of my job. As a result I have been trying to find information with what is deemed as on target for a particular age and realise nothing exists.


Now I don't feel it's as clear cut as if a child is 42 months and emerging in the 30-50 bracket they are on target. Equally a child who is 42 months and is secure in the 40-60 bracket is on target for there development. Sure secure in 40-60 would mean they are above target.


I contacted my local sure start teacher who said we have no set criteria. My staff team and co manager believe that if regardless of where a child is so emerging, developing or secure as long as they are in there age band they are on target. I strongly disagree though but not sure if I am with majority or the minority.


Just interested to see what others think.

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This is what I have found tried to navigate to it through gov.uk but didn't get far but here's a link to it that I found on another website, I knew I had read it but couldn't find it.




Page 6


Our LA based on this guidance said you can work out national age related expectation for entry of a 2yr old, which we use even though this isn't verified from the gods (oops mean Ofsted) ha ha we use this guidance of levels when reassuring parents their child isn't expected to be child genius and also when addressing possible issues.

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At 42 months I would say maybe they are a little below target if they are only emerging 30-50 as they could theoretically be in the 40-60 band. However, I think maybe you are looking at it a bit too analytically, I use prams so if the child is 42 months and emerging 30-50 that says its fine and so be it! But if they are 52 months and still in 30-50 then it would show them as below and I would clearly look into why.

I look at the data from prams termly and see who is below, expected, exceeding etc to look at patterns and whether it's due to lack of provision etc but when looking at individual children I think you have to look at the whole picture. 'Data' isn't everything, I wouldn't personally get hung up on whether they were on target purely from these bands, I'm sure you know the children well and a child emerging 30-50 months at 42 months given circumstances, when they started, where they've come from progress wise etc- may be just fine, another may not!

All children are different and what is on target for one won't be the same for another. I think the key is flagging any children who are clearly falling behind or any areas that are lacking and looking at why. I have never been one for getting stuck into the age bands and looking at targets etc as they are not everything!!! They give a good indicator but at the end of the day are just guidelines.

I hope that makes sense and don't doubt what you do, hopefully someone else will be along with some advice soon too!

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I am not data driven myself and agree it's the bigger picture.


I know my 42 month old is gifted in numbers. I don't need to give an elg to know that. My co manager is the opposite though hence me trying to find reasoning to convince her otherwise

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