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Help please! Observation activity needed! Please!


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Hi all,


My brain has totally gone to mush at the moment and I have to plan for an observation with the learning objective of 'to use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences' using a book as a starting point.


It is for a class of 30 Reception children and needs to last for 20 minutes, I'm sure I'll think of some ideas but at the moment they are not coming to me!


Please help!

Any ideas will be very appreciated!


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today i have been observed using goldilocks as a story starter and then a discussion around right and wrong things to do then children off with different things available ...


small puppet theatre

new box of dressing up in the home corner with bear ears, wig, dress, waistcoat, apron & bib and 3 bowls and chairs available

sorting game with bears

special rewards for chilldren who would like to write their own traditional tale or recall one they have heard with picture wordbank from twinkl and example books of trad tales to support.



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