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We are in the process of getting new staff checks and updating old CRB checks that are over 3 years old. I have vague recollections that the actual copies weren't allowed to be held; just name, date and CRB number. Is this still the case?

Our supervisor has asked a member of staff for hers to copy and she came to me to ask if that was ok. I told her I didn't think it was allowed but I've just done a bit of research and it says that DBS copies can be held with the applicants permission.


So,was I making it up about holding CRB information and is it now okay to hold copies of DBS?



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Name, DBS number, date of issue, and then I write non recorded for barred list bit (I think it is off top of my head)

This is perfectly fine with Ofsted, I received a paper copy through post and it clearly states I should destroy within 6 weeks I wasn't aware of a change that said we could keep them but as we know nothing stays same in this game. I would not feel comfortable in having copies I also would strongly question anyone who wanted a copy of mine, Ofsted don't require copies so why keep them x

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I don't know what it states on your own copy the one I received was a staff members with the checking company very strictly stating me to destroy.

I once had an argument over it with a school when we rented a space of them and they came back to me saying I was right (plus mine is no use to anyone it's over ten years old lol) x

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