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Guest colechin

A member of staff is currently on her QTS training course and I have just filmed an activity she has done with the children. I have been informed that I now need to write the observation up using impact statements.

I'm not sure what these impact statements are. I'm sure someone out there has been through this process and I was wondering if you could help me. I feel that I may need to go in to more detail in the written observation than I would when we do our peer on peer observations.


Is anyone able to send me prompters or guidance on how I should be writing up observations for the university? If anyone has some samples that would be great. The observation was against standard 2.5, 2.6 and 3.5.


Thank you in advance for any help/guidance you can give me.


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If I have read your post correctly I assume you are acting as a mentor? We regularly mentor PGCE students and have to observe them against the teacher standards. However the University provide descriptors for 'Needs improvement' / Good / Outstanding' so we use these to make our judgements. I suggest you may need to ask for something similar.

Good luck

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I have used forms provided by different universities for different students, and they were different forms, so best to ask the institution for theirs. Sorry - haven't had a Northamptonshire student.

Students usually have a whole file full of 'how to do this' information including how to access a mentor guidance pack - usually it's on-line and I have been given a mentor password to get at the documentation. If you don't have any luck then give the personal tutor a call - I've always found them to be really helpful in the past as no-one wants to do the same work twice!

Good luck!

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