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Bbc news says Clegg wants nursery funding to increase and staff to get


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From BBC news:The party says it would provide an extra £116m annually to the early years pupil premium received by nursery schools and childminders for poorer children. This would more than triple the funding given for each underprivileged child to £1,000.


The Lib Dems say they would also require higher staff standards, encouraging nursery workers to work towards gaining qualified teacher status.


Now obviously I can only agree that funding needs to improve, but why can politicians not understand that our funding issue is a result of insufficient funding for all funded children.

.....qts.....now where did I hear that before......oh yes now I remember, it was supposed to be equivalent to eyps/eyt wasn't it!!!

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If he wants nursery staff to all be QTS then he's going to have to do something about the amount we're paid AND Zmake settings available to offer financial support to those willing to do it.


I was lucky that I did my degree before fees went through the roof and my only "debt" is my student loan, which if I stay in he level of job I'm in for another 19 year will be wiped out as I don't make anywhere near enough to pay it back.


Not to mention, where is he magically going to find this extra £116 million that we haven't had before????

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