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I own and manage a 44 place day nursery. Our staff team has grown considerably over the past couple of years due to staff having babies, then returning part-time so creating two jobs from one. We are now a team of 18 which I have to admit, I find difficult to manage (just the size of the team, not the people themselves...mostly!)

On our first day back in the new year, one of my full time staff told me she is pregnant. The following day another full time member of staff gave me the same news. Yesterday a third. I know another member of staff is 'trying' for her second baby and I have a strong suspicion a further full time staff member may be expecting.

My head is spinning...how on earth can I manage all that? Even without the two 'maybes' there are three full timers pregnant and due within the same month.

I am happy for each individual woman, but a bit shell shocked.

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