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Ratios on pick ups from schools


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My setting provides pick ups from a local school. We pick up various amounts of chidren on different days.


Does anyone know how many staff have to pick children up?


If there one child...one adult?


2 children ..one adult?


3 children.....one adult ???


Some days we have 5 ..how many staff is legal????


Contacted Ofsted and the lady didnt appear to know what she was talking about so have emailed them.....



Just wandered if anyone knew!!!!

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Not sure what is 'Legal' but there is no way I would have 1 member of staff with 5 children :o Although saying that of course child minders have many more than that at times......

Our policy is 1 member of staff to 2 children but we always have 2 members of staff minimum - which admittedly is a pain if there is only 1 child but risk assessments etc require it and personally I would not feel comfortable out with a child on my own 'just in case' for instance if a child fell and broke a bone if I was on my own I would not be able to look after the child properly at the same time as calling an ambulance - almost worse case scenario I know but better to be safe than sorry in my book :1b

The EYFS states

3.65. Children must be kept safe while on outings. Providers must assess the risks or hazards which may arise for the children, and must identify the steps to be taken to remove, minimise and manage those risks and hazards. The assessment must include consideration of adult to child ratios. The risk assessment does not necessarily need to be in writing; this is for providers to judge.
So I'm guessing it is down to the discretion of the setting staff?
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Thanks mrsbat


Ofsted told me today that i child or two children ok but above that 2 but the person I spoke to seemed very unsure

so have emailed Ofsted to get it in writing.


Read the same as you in Statutory guidance so looks like you have to interpret it yourself.


A childminder can have a baby and two 2 year olds and pick up from schools so whats the difference???


Thanks for your opinion.

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I would always say 2 members of staff in case something happens and one needs to go for help. I think you should read it as the same as the setting where there has always got to be 2 members of staff at any one time. This covers your staff more than the children in case of any allegations. We have stopped taking a couple of children to the shop to collect snack as it takes two members of staff to go and that was only leaving 2 in the setting with too many children.

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