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Just wondering where others might put the following - (DM statements - Communication)

EAL child (50m) - he is ...

Beginning to use greeting and simple social conventions e.g. "Good morning Mrs ******." "Yes please." "Thank you." "Sorry." "Goodbye." "Yes." and "No."

Attempting short phrases e.g. "I live there. This is my house." [Pointing at globe] "Sorry ... sorry" [When he knocked into another child] then ... "I say sorry." [Telling adult]

Using a widening vocabulary e.g. "It was accident." [When he stood on a plant pot and broke it]

Talking to his sister fluently (in his first language) in the playground

Attempting whole sentences e.g. "My mummy eat fish fingers." [Playing in mud kitchen]

Using language for different purposes e.g. to apologise ... make a statement ... give information ... to ask a question ... to name children ... to gain attention ... to greet people

Initiating social conversations e.g. "I haven't had snack. Me wash my hands."

The child showed good understanding of English but spoke very little when he joined us in September.

I am struggling in terms of where to place him for C&L

Any thoughts?

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i would say emerging 30-50 months ...he certainly seems to have achieved the 36 month statements but is not solid on the the 30-50 month assessment. ...sounds like he is fluent in his home language though so i would be adding notes to that effect.

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