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Life after the BA Degree


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Hello all, Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas break and looking forward to the new year :1b

I am just wandering if anyone wants to share their experiences of coping with life having completed their BA course. Has anyone followed the Masters route and how different/difficult has it been from the BA?

So far I am really unsure whether to settle with the BA and EYT and I keep thinking that I may want to include a masters in my longer term plan. Having said that I am still busy working and enjoying some time away from books and journals but there is a little bit of me that might need more.

I am satisfying my need to learn and explore by looking at attending open lectures, reading widely and viewing sources online etc. Plus I am engrossed in my preschool role and plan to support the progress of our setting.

I may just be going through a period of transition but I do find it hard to share my anxiety with my work colleagues, so any views and thoughts are welcome.


Many thanks




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Hi Silvermist,

There is life after a B A you could set up your own business .Just like I did! That will stop you

being bored always lots to do. You could do small study course to run along side your work that don't

need so much commitment.For the Masters route it was all down to cost for me and would it take me

the route I wanted? I do miss the studying never thought I would, but hey I have my weekend free to do

paperwork for my business,and to be able to fit in family and friends and live a little. Good lucky in whatever decision you make just remember do it for you.xx

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Hi you are not alone there is something about study which is almost addictive, a bit like drinking wine!?!

I graduated 4 years ago and did my eyp alongside my final year, although the actual setting visit was about 4 months after finishing degree.

In the final year of the degree I was offered an opportunity to take ownership of a preschool so as well as finishing the degree getting to grips with eyp I started my own business. That first year of operation was a bit tricky but finishing the eyp gave me some really useful focus.

Do I miss studying now? Yes. Would I think about a masters? Yes. And here is my but. Being a mature student I took 3 years out of my family's life and I feel reluctant to take more. My children are now late 20's and teens so I would like to spend time on getting them through life's little troubles.

Like you Silvermist I look for conferences and keep up with reading but I am also trying to encourage my staff team to study and move them up the educational ladder. Also starting on a quality improvement scheme which will involve the staff. I am hoping that this will help take out some of the withdrawal symptoms from studying.

Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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Thank you both for replying. Its good to know others feel the same.

I know my last degree year was tough as I also chose to do the EYT alongside it. The 3 years has benefited me as a practitioner and a person and it just feels like its the start of my learning journey.

I think completing a masters would be just for me as you are right I don't need it to make professional progress or keep updated with current early years material. I am honestly tempted about setting up my own setting and I seem to have a folder named BUSINESS PLAN!!! but I suppose in the meantime I want to focus on my skills ready for when I want to take that step.

I am lucky as at the moment I lead professional practice and curriculum planning at my setting so there is lots of scope for me to enjoy and expand.

I will keep you posted as to where I head.

Thanks again for your support.

Think I might try a mind map and see what happens...... :1b

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