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Superhero Role Play Ideas

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Hi all!


Please help!!!

Our next topic is Superheroes, which is great! Loads of ideas floating around and on the net, but I cannot think of a role play area?!?!

I have a Nursery / Reception class in the morning and pure Reception in the afternoon, and we are boy heavy.

Also would love the area to promote mark making too.

Any ideas please??

Thought of a bat cave but i can just imagine the boys arguing / fighting.




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I did the Superhero Hq - so the people in the office had to take the phone call and write down the details, off went the Superhero (established rules about appropriate role-play) and then record whether it was a successful mission or not. Did in Nursery class.

Or if you have outfits you could do a hire shop? Or a shop that sells super powers or a Superhero hospital?

Green Hippo x

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You should go with the batcave theme! there may be fighting, but this is part of the superhero role and should not be discouraged - make ground rules so children will feel safe - they can walk away or say stop and children must respect this. Can I suggest reading Penny Holland's We don't play with guns here. Also Jackie Marsh has written some journal articles about superhero play. Some recent research looks at a similar idea set up with 6 and 7 year olds in a school. Interestingly, the girls were as interested as the boys - good inclusive practice! Good luck

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