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Hello all,

Just really want to know how people feel about the inspection consultation.

I completed my response very late last night and didn't actually feel good about having my opinion recorded!! Not sure why but I've got up this morning again thinking: I am not sure if early years setting will benefit from any new proposal regarding an umbrella inspection.

I feel in theory it sounds fab but in practice it will again be individual inspectors making judgements and quite often from my experience we have had the same inspector twice and she appeared to have made her decision before even arriving; so looked for the evidence she needed to justify her decision. Plus she did not even view our SEF before arriving thus her 3 hour visit probably only consisted of less than 2 hours being with the staff and children. She did not even talk to the children!!!

I know when I completed my EYT assessment day I was with my assessor for 6 hours plus the time she had spent reviewing my portfolio. It felt thorough and organised. Observation, tour and interview.

How does every one feel? Maybe I am just feeling nervous as we are over due our inspection and I am hearing of so many settings with inconsistent outcomes: ie. outstandings for worksheet orientated settings and most teaching that is adult enforced rather than practitioners enhancing learning through children's interests. Then there's settings with the lowest rating jumping up two bands within a few months from a second inspection. It really doesn't tally to me.

Are inspectors going to undergo more moderation, extra training??

Feeling very anxious: maybe I just needed to get this off my mind with those who also worry.



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For anyone that hasn't come across the consultation (I presume the one silvermist is referring to), its here



Only a week to go, so please do have a say. I always encourage people to say what they think, regardless of whether or not I might agree with them, but if you don't use your voice, don't be surprised by what you get!


I am sure there will be extensive additional training for inspectors on the new judgments, and nearer the time, if this goes ahead, there will be additional guidance, such as there is now.

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