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Hi All

I know the criteria for the Baseline Assessments is out and the list of approved assessments should be out in early 2015. Does anybody have any idea of how many commercial companies may be on the approved list? I can't find out anything other than the above.



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There will be no limit to the number of companies that will be given the initial contracts, but each baseline assessment must be taken up by a certain number of schools by April 2015 (it's around 1770 schools) , or they will not be permitted to offer them to schools in Sept 2015. There are around 16,000 potential schools for the companies to try and encourage to use their product. :1b

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For anyone interested, the criteria is here



Its the 'single objective binary decision' that appears to make it quite restrictive.. I know Early Excellence are submitting a bid based on the Leuven scales and COEL, of which I am a big fan, so I am somewhat intrigued as to what that might look like!


I think schools will get loads of stuff through their mail come February, so I cant imagine you'll miss out. But a discussion on what people are seeing and trialling might be really helpful nearer the time.

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