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I really don't know what to do or where to turn to other than here.


While on maternity leave in 2012 it was agreed that the acting manager would become my co manager and we would take over the running of the setting from a charity to a community interest group. This was agreed without my input.


We are two very different people and have different opinions on how the group should be managed.She's very assertive and I am not.


Now things have come to a head and do we try and work through this, we'll never agree or do I walk? Can't afford to but nor can I see the setting I have worked so hard to change around since 2009 be destroyed by stubbornes.


My heart has not been in it since 2013 now on my return as it's not the setting I strived to develop.

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How tough for you.

I wouldn't walk just yet - what are the issues that you don't see eye to eye on? Management, planning, activities or a combination of all the above?

I've just read 'Clearly Outstanding' by Rebecca Miller and the start of the book is all about creating visions and a mission statement, getting the staff on board and working as a team.Do you have a vision for the setting of a development plan as part of your SEF that you could use as a starting point for a discussion - either as the whole staff or just the two of you?

There is a great part in the book about learning styles (Visual etc..) and how what everyone wants is different and places different values on things; some think resources are the most important, others think policies are most important whilst others may want a new book corner - what it is conveying is that until you all sit down and write it out on a mind map or individual wish lists, you are all pulling against each other rather than working together. If you and the other manager could somehow do a list of personal priorities and then compare and contrast, this might help?

I would hate to walk away from something I believed in, but equally sometimes the time is just right for moving on too. I'm sure others will have more helpful advice rather than the jumbled response I've given!

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Hi I think from your post that change took place without any consultation with you, whilst you were on maternity leave which I think is really sad.

I'm not sure how many staff you have, but you are always going to have differing views on approaches in early years, and generally in life.

I think it's more important to have a really strong setting ethos that anybody that is employed to work in the setting adheres to.

This enables you in times of confrontation to refer back to it.

Having a staff team that listens to every bodies views is key to having a proactive team.

If you are now a CIG do you not still have any other directors/ trustees/ committee members that could help resolve some of these issues.

Stay strong, Fx

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