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hi i have just got c16 back with ke7 the importance of tasks, cotext and the role of observers in some formal assessment situations and ke15 the uses of technology in presenting tasks and stimuli carrying out and recording observations of childrens spontaneous and naturally occurring behaviour and performance

just gone blank

can anyone help please

julie :o

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Hi Julie,


The importance of tasks in formal assessment - Do you set assessment tasks?, if yes, What areas of learning can they be a useful assessment method for? what areas would they be less useful for, Why?


The importance of context in formal assessment - can you assess language conversation during a full group story time? ( hint there :o )

Think of "learning" you want to assess and the best / worst context for it to be observed in and use these as examples.



The importance of the role of observer, this will change depending on method type of assessment, describe your roles in different ways you have observed / assessed children. Are you invisible? do you interact, how does this affect the validity of your assessment?


Use of technology- what technology have you used to enable you to assess certain types learning. if you haven't used technology you will have to think of what you would use if you could and why.



The importance of carrying out and recording observations of childrens spontaneous ( not task led) performance.


How do you know you are using the right method, situation, stimuli for assessments on childrens learning and development. How would not using the correct method, situation, stimuli affect validity of the assessment?


To get your mind in gear, start by defining the term "assessment" what does this mean exactly?


Piaget was critisised for his assessment methods, and consequently his theories of what he had assessed that children could do at certain stages / ages has been disputed by others who have used more "child friendly" methods of assessment. ( phew long sentence - sorry)



There are many books on this subject of "valid" assessment, especially from theorists who have critisised piaget, I think one auther was called Margaret Donaldson. try and get a copy. Good luck.



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