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I've been tentatively hovering my fingers over the keyboard considering whether to write this post or not in the fear that it is a bit of a silly post which will make me sound inadequate.

It's that time again when I need a bit of reassurance of whether I'm doing enough in terms of enhancements and variation of activities. I enhance in relation to individual or group needs, interests and group 'themes'. I plan some enhancements for the week ahead, some on a day to day basis. They last anything from a day to a couple of weeks. I tend to follow the advice that I was given by a lady at the Early Excellence "if you can't think of an enhancement, then you probably don't need one!" However, I start to get a bit twitchy if an area hasn't been enhanced for a while but at times I can't think of things to change or add (and the children are using the area well) so have tried not to stress over it.

During a meeting with Nursery staff, one of the teachers said "I have to get to school at 7.30 just to set up for the children!" This immediately set my heart racing. 1. I can't possibly get to school that early due to childcare. 2. I wouldn't need over an whole hour to 'set-up'. Yes, of course I could easily fill the time from 7.30 doing all sorts and stay after our session and work at home but I can't say I 'set-up' loads of things and what needs setting up would be 'ready to go' before.

I am a perpetual self-doubter and immediately assume if I'm doing things differently then I'm doing it wrong or not enough (I think it's an EYFS thing??). I feel that I am relatively strong in the justification behind my practice but can feel just as fragile!

Any advice, reassurance or indeed criticism will be gratefully received.

Green Hippo xx

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Setting up - a clean, safe and attractive environment is essential, but we have resources available on shelves so children can help themselves, and focus on 'enhancements' or 'fascinations' - a maximum of two a day, rotating around the areas, based on identified 'next steps'. As you say, some are for an hour, others for two weeks, some are repeated at regular intervals - just depends on children's interests and needs. It must be more difficult in a pack-away setting.

It doesn't take ages, just organisation and delegation/teamwork - we take turns with the pencil sharpener and with the more 'creative' aspects of setting up.

From your post, you are doing more than enough tailor your provision to each child's needs, and I'm sure that you can demonstrate their good progress over time!

Advice - stop worrying and have a good night's sleep!

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im afraid my team get 15 minutes in the morning before the children come in! and as to tidying up i could spend 4 hours each night and would still not have sorted everything! its a bit like paperwork ....you could spend any amount of time and everything would not be finished......dont worry if the children are happy and engaged then you're fine! ;)

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