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Hi there, was just wonderign of any of you inspirational people have any great ideas for speaking and listening activities/ games with year 1 children??


th eschool is part of a new project and this term the focus is attention and listening..

some ideas that we already are using include, the game fritu salad, sound lotto, telling a story using que cards and listening and workin gout different sounds and what they might be..


any other graet ideas would be much appreciated to keep the them on their toes!


kind hanks in advance!


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Describing a hidden object for others to guess.


Talk partners


Hot seating


Have you looked at the speaking and listening document from DfES?

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Just a thought - possibly a dangerous one :o :


If you used a large space - like the hall - you could have one child in the class or in a pair or whatever, blindfolded, & the child/ren who aren't blindfolded have to give them directions to negotiate a course without crashing. The course could be made up from sports cones, or skipping ropes or something. You get the idea don't you, I'm sure you can work with it if it takes your fancy.

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Perhaps a bit obvious but I always find 'show and tell' a really good basis for speaking and listening. If you have some control over the bringing in bit! I ask 1 child a week to bring in something 'intersesting' or special to them (not toys) and they talk to the class about it. Then the rest of the class ask 'clever' questions to find out more information. We made a list after brainstorming of good questions to help them, otherwise 'where did you get it from' was about it. It works really well now and I'm really impressed at how the children listen, talk about their items and question each other. Hope this helps.


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Beat baby is a small furry animal that lives curled up in a special place if you talk quietly and listen carefully he will come out.

We purchased him after a course by Ros Bayley


Helping Young Children with Steady Beat by Ros Bayley, Lynn Broadbent Helping Young Children to Listen (Helping Young Children) Ros Bayley, Lynn Broadbent

Helping Young Children to Imagine (Helping Young Children)

~Ros Bayley, Lynn Broadbent

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