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Learning journeys or books? Help!


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Hi all,

i'm back in reception after many years away.

I thought learning journeys were still the way forward rather than formal literacy, mathematics and topic books. I was told yestersday by the KS leader that I should have all 3 books with evidence in them to show a clear progression. Think they were very shocked when I said I didn't have any book work.

All my evidence is observations and photos with a few examples of child initiated writing. Is this wrong?

Help! What is everyone else doing these days.

Thanks in advance.


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You can record or capture learning anyway you want!

I had books AND learning records. In fact I did like my writing books where the children did an adult supported activity each week because the progress was so visible.


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Learning journeys are what I am using for the 3rd year running. I find them very useful, and think formal books would be near impossible!

As a Catholic school our children do have formal RE books. We also use 2simple software for photographic observations.

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