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informing parents after observations: format/template/report.


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Hi all,

Does anyone have a simple yet effective way/template/format of sharing info with parents.

We do obs on our focus children and then have a 1:1 meeting with the parents do they can gain a better understanding of what their child demonstrates and we make suggestions of next steps and things to try at home.

Our current format is a bit dated ; need some fresh ideas.


Be very grateful if anyone can share.


The parents this year are already craving information, well the majority!


Thanks in advance :)

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Guest tinkerbell

We use Tapestry too.I also send home a weekly newsletter that briefly outlines what the class have been doing so the parents can chat about the week with the children.It also includes any forward requests eg we are making a vegetable soup this week and I asked if parents could send in 1 vegetable.?...I have enough vegetables to feed the whole school!

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