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ratio in maintained nursery school


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Hi, I'm trying to find out the legal requirement for a maintained nursery class. I'm aware that a qualified teacher is necessary in the class ratio however is this teacher allowed to leave the nursery for meetings and training etc without being replaced by a teacher? Can they be replaced by another hlta or nn?


There are 30 children 1teacher, 1level 3 and 1ta.



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i thought it was 1:13 for teacher or other adult so the 3 of us can have 39 children. i am not covered by teacher for PPA or meetings. my 2 senior early years educators get a TA from school.

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Schools are different to settings. It is 1:13 with one adult having to be a teacher. (QTS) You can be covered by another member of staff (not a teacher) if the HT is satisfied they are competent to do so and they are under the direction of the teacher and for short periods of time such as PPA or a meeting. Usually there will be another qualified member of staff there as you have to have a level 3 or higher alongside the qualified teacher.

All ratios are outlined in the welfare requirements.


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