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I hope this is an ok place to "advertise" that I am wanting to sell on the books I have accumulated over the past 5 years, through my foundation degree, my EYPS and my BA (Hons)


I have five or six large boxes of them but am starting with the few that are not in the loft!


I haven't ever sold on ebay or google previously and might do that if necessary!

(I am more of buyer than a seller!!!!)


So I thought I would do prices including P&P, feel free to message me if you want to haggle!!


Doing your early years research project by Guy Roberts Holmes £10


Early Childhood Studies (3rd edition) Parker-Rees, Leeson, Willan and Savage £20


Reflective Practice in the Early Years Reed and Canning £15


Doing early childhood research International Perspectives on Theory and Practice by Mac Naughton, Rolfe and Siraj-Blatchford £5


The good research guide (3rd ed) £7.50


Health for all children (4th edition) Hall and Elliman £10


Young children's health and well being by Underdown £15


An introduction to early childhood studies Maynard and Thomas (2nd ed) £16


Research methods in early childhood by Mukherji & Albon £16.50


Thanks! Will leave these on here until next weekend 27th September. Message me if you have questions!

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