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I am deputy manager at nursery. Its a family business, run by my mum for the last 24 years. We have 14 employees contracted to work for us.


In all her time there she is lucky enough to not have dealt with Tribunals. A few years ago we got a contract with a company called peninsula who sort out all your H&S paperwork, offer employment law advice, and most importantly, they cover costs in the case of tribunal. Sounds great , but is £390 per month.

I really just wanted to know the costs of tribunals (time and financial), because our contract runs out soon and that money could be put to better things.

We are really lucky to have wonderful staff and i cant imagine any problems happening, but all it takes is one unhappy employee.

Can anyone with experience offer any advice?





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Have you checked with your insurers as sometimes they offer free legal advice. You can also get free legal advice from ACAS. Also there has been a recent change in respect of employees going for unfair dismissal - employees now have to pay a fee

There's quite a bit of information here


I use the PSLA Recruitment Book for the vast majority of my HR stuff - much much cheaper than £390 a month !

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We are with peninsula too and sound like a very similar business to you Littleangelsealing! We feel that it's expensive too but it is very handy for contracts and all the advice with regard to health and safety and stuff! I have looked into other similar companies and haven't found anything much cheaper but would be interested to hear everyone's thoughts too x

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Try the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) we pay £300 a year and get 24 hour legal advice, they are amazing. They dont underwrite the cost of a tribunal but if you follow their advice, you wont end up in one! I also double check with ACAS as I find the FSB are on employers side and ACAS on employees so its a good balance to find the middle ground xx

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