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Advice with supporting a child with speech delay and another recoverin


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Hoping for some advice from yoy wonderful people. I have met my new reception class this week and so far they seem lovely. However I am concerned about how best to support two boys in my class. I completed my nqt year last year so I am relatively unexperienced so thought you lovely people might be able to offer some advice.


One boy has spent most of last year in hospital being treated for cancer and is thankfully in remission at the moment. He is finding comibg to school quite unsettling and does not know any of the children I am trying to help him to make friends but he is more comfortable in adult company. Any ideas how best I can support his transition into school?


The other boy has very little speech and currently does not know aby signing. I am trying to include him in activites but find it difficult when doing whole class activities. I am spending some time 1 to 1 with him to develop a relaionship and to communicate with him but any ideas on how to support with his speech would be very greatly received!


Just want to do the best I can for the children x

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not sure but wondered whether for the boy in remission could you give him a best buddy - someone who he can be with most of the time - if he then makes one friend and feels comfortable with them he will then start to move on to making other friends.

mum might also realise how he is so could you talk to her and say what you are trying to do - she might then support this friendship by asking the best buddy's mum if best buddy can spend time at their home so the friendship develops outside of school too?

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