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back to work interview?


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Looking for any advice on what kind of questions should be asked? never done this for a Manager whos been off sick before but aware that it needs to be done. Does anyone have a brief they can share?

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I can have a look at ours tomorrow but the things I can remember are:


Dates of sickness:

Dates of absence:

Did you see a doctor? Yes/no

If yes what did they say, medication?

If no, why didn't you see them?

Then a bit of a disclaimer - I am fit to work, I agree to information being checked etc


This is the self certification form. Anything over 7 calendar days means they should have already provided a medical certificate. Then the interview form if needed if there is any doubt over return, this says fit to work yes/ yes - phased/ no - then room for comments and what you'll do!


Hope that helps!

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