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I think it's planned in many ways.

How you arrange your resources and activities supports PSED - not enough of things and you will get squabbles for example. With enough resources children can learn to cooperate and share gradually as they develop. Routines and structures help teach PSED.

You plan how adults will overtly model being cooperative, sharing, finding solutions for things, talking about how we behave etc. This may mean planning specific aspects of behaviours you want to model, observe etc over time.

Specific activities such as circle time or philosophy for children (P4C which several of my schools use) would be planned as a specific lesson for discussion and thinking about how we are with each other. You may also have RE if you are a church school or maintained school through assemblies.

I think you have to consider PSED as a way of "being" within the group so it's not so much taught as embedded in the expectations of the setting all the time.


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