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Hi all

As part of our actions from Ofsted, we have been told to review our routines to ensure that they do not interrupt childrens play/learning.

In order to help this, we agreed that rather than have set nappy changing times, we would check nappies and change as needed but with 20 2 years olds, I am worried that one will be missed at times. How do you manage this is your settings? do you change nappies at set times? if so, how d you ensure this does not interrupt the childrens play? or do you have a more flexible approach and how do you ensure that no child gets missed? I'm sure it's straightforward but at the moment I cant see the wood for the trees!


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We don't tend to take the children through to the bathroom we just ask if we can check their nappy to see if it needs doing and you can usually tell if its full or soiled. That way they remain at their activity and carry on....its a really relaxed affair...a bit like home. Also you could try the 3hr rule and get it to tie In with meal or sleep time then that way the playing time isn't interrupted....the only downside to this is you aren't attending to children's individual toileting needs but rather as a group.......so I would much prefer checking as when...its more organic and less of a conveyor belt system developing......hard to ensure that children aren't missed but maybe this is something you/ supervisor/room leader could monitor? x Good luck! x

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We check as and when. As far as possible, each key person keeps tabs on their key children so they are managing a few children rather than the whole group. We also record when nappies have been changed on a simple tick sheet to ensure that nobody gets missed and so that other staff know when a child has been changed if the key person is at lunch etc.

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