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Hi everyone. I am soon going to be doing supply work in nurseries reception and year 1. I am compiling a list of things to take with me 'just in case'. Can I ask what would be your top 3 things to carry around with you?

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I had a Mary Poppins bag, I was supply in nurseries.

Spare trousers & t-shirt in the car (I have been wee'd and vomited on)

Finger puppets and 2/3 of my favourite books (some resources/plans were really bad)

Own mug with tea, coffee, sugar for the day (I was tutted at for using a mug)

Thats all I can remember. Hope you have fun, I learnt loads from seeing other practice :)

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Soft toy or puppet. Or more!

Stickers and labels to write names on possibly.

Whiteboard pens. Pencil case etc.

Memory stick with resources on.

Favourite story books.

Water bottle and coffee as Rea suggests

Small bottle of waterless hand cleaner.

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Thanks they were things I was thinking of too especially a mug so not to get off on the wrong foot. Can't take memory sticks anyone which makes you think out of the box a bit more.

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as above and (it's a very big bag in my mind!)

some lycra,

a book that you can spin something off from gah, mind has gone blank!,

a small tin/box of 'treasure/fascinating things to prompt curiosity,

a mascot with a persona that can be hauled away and involved in their play (but remember to get it back!)

note book and interesting pen (again more provocation)

a bum bag if you are game (or waitress type apron...again for interesting things fastened on etc)

ask about cameras - I can't live without mine and if they use them to document you may be part of that process. They might supply you one or give you a memory card for your own and then hand it back daily

laminated pics of yourself to leave with the class if you are going a few times

A laminated montage of pics from your life (that you want to share) as a talking point; favourite children's film, toy etc

some biscuits for the staffroom (I'm a brown noser!)

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