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First Aid - is this legal?

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Should staff be paid for doing first aid training?

Normally we do it on an evening unpaid but this time we have done it in the day and had to lose 12 hours pay because of this

The questions I have are

Is it legal that we have to do it unpaid?

It says in our staff handbook that we are not paid for it but nowhere does it state that we have to lose paid hours because of it.

Our handbook also states that all of us have to be first aid trained. Out of 25 staff only 12 of us were made to do it - surely this isn't right either?

The EYFS states only 1 person needs to be first aid trained and as far as I am aware our council doesn't make it part of funding obligations for all staff to be trained

Advice please

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I think it's disgraceful if you have lost hours of pay because of training you have been made to do.

Almost makes you want to say you won't do it, although as we know it's great to have the knowledge and skill in the event of having to perform it outside of the work environment too.:(

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