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We are looking into electronic learning journals and wondered if any Nursery Schools currently use them ? In particular Tapestry.

We would be grateful for any advice with regards to how easy it is to install and use, whether it is worth the money etc.


Many thanks.

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Hi Lanterns,


We have started using the tapestry online learning journals this term and have had nothing but positive feedback. We are still getting used to all of the things that it can do but it really has been amazing. Parent feedback has been excellent; children sharing animately what they have been doing because they can remember it! Even staff who were worried about using the technology are getting on really well.

We're very glad to have made the move, no more wasting time cutting out and sticking in photos and annotating them for us! Because of this it is really cost effective too.



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Many thanks for your response. We have decided to start using Tapestry and now need advice re tablets to use ! We are presuming that mini Ipads, Ipdas are the most common but does anyone know of cheaper alternatives that work just as well ?


Thanks again.



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