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Hello Peeps,


I am in the middle of writing my dissertation and got to the data analysis bit and I am completly lost. I have no idea how it should be written.

I've got all my data ready to go but just don't know where to start with writing it all up/displaying the data.

Can anyone help? or point me in the right direction. A friend showed me her dissertation but it was a chemistry one and there was far too much mathematical data for it to make any sense!


Any help welcome


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What is your dissertation about? Is the data quantitative or qualitative?


I handed my research project in last December and it already seems so very long ago!!

I know that data analysis in charts etc (which I did in my foundation degree topic) was much easier to put together than this last time when the data was mainly qualitative!


How about research project books? Any help there?


I am sure someone who is worldly wise will be along shortly and be able to offer actual help! Sorry x

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