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Have started writing ILP`s for the first time. Have noticed that I am just repeating myself. Keep deciding on a stepping stone for the child then an activity to promote it and obviously keep repeating stepping stones. So I decided it would be easier to compile a list with each individual stepping stone and corresponding activity. Then when writing ILP`s you can just identify an area for the child then look up the activity already lsited.


Does anyone out there relate to this? I started to try compiling a list of each stepping stone and a corresponding activity to promote learning for the ILP but this is a VERY daunting task with so many. Surely there must be a document out there that does this already???


Has anyone found one?




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hi Sally and welcome! :D


Do you have access to any of the assessment software as I am sure you could adapt some of that. We had an IEP writing programme at my last school.


I also have a document called Planning for Progress 2 which is quite good.

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Hi SallyQ, Welcome,

I think lists can be useful as a prompt but can I suggest, When planning for a child's next step, the best activity would be based on what the child is interested in alongside the developmental milestone you wish them to achieve. There must be a million or more activities for say developing fine motor skills ( not written as an actual stepping stone - Physical, Aspect 5, using tools).

I also feel that the stepping stones are not hiearchical, some may be skipped, others the child may only achieve part of the stepping stone within one activity ie: Physical, Aspect 4, Using equipment-Gross motor skills.

I would suggest instead of looking at a stepping stone and trying to fit an activity. Observe and decide what the child is most interested in doing, then plan to develop or extend their development within this area of play.

You will find that all 6 areas of development can be promoted within any given activity. (apart from ICT-use a computor)



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i've compiled a list of stepping stones fro 3-4yr olds and  a table of profiles for 4-5yr olds, on new laptop though all docs at nursery so if you want them i'll put them on next wk.... :D



Thanks for the offer. Let me know when you have posted. :)

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