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Nursery Teacher Interview Maths Counting and number recognition


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I love using this site so I though I would ask for some advice.


I currently work in a reception class and am going for a interview for nursery class.


I have chose to do an activity with 5 currant buns where we then go off to our own playdough bakery (i only have 6 children).


I just want to make sure I have pitched it at the right level. These are the development matters I have started with. Is this where your nursery aged children are at this time of year or too easy?



Knows that numbers identify how many objects are in a set (30-50 months).


Recognise some numerals of personal significance (40-60 months).


Recognises numerals 1 to 5 (40-60 months).


Counts up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item. (40-60 months).



Thank you in advance.



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I think I would have other resources available for differentiation purposes.


What if one of your six children has only just started nursery...... Although I expect the play dough would be fine there now I am thinking about it!!


Ok where's the resources for those children in this summer term who can count well past 5 and also recognise numbers 1-10 or 10+


You need to make sure that you have resources available to pitch this wherever the children are at!

You should take account of this on the planning too.


Play dough is a good idea and this has universal appeal but like I said you could really have six children with a very wide age range and developmental stage you need to make sure this is seen somewhere in your plans.


Good luck x

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Thanks Scarlettangel.

That's really helpful.


I think as you say playdough is engaging at any age and my reception children certainly enjoy using it.


There are beans, currant and candles for children to add to their creations and there are loads of these so could easily go beyond 20 even if there was a particularly able child!


I have got plastic numbers to 9 but they could easily be used to make the number 10 or teen numbers.

I feel fairly confident that I could differentiate with the resources I have and as you say I have made reference to how I could differentiate on my lesson plan.


It's always hard at an interview because you just don't know how able the children are.


Thanks again x

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consider the open ended questions you would use 'I wonder how many there would be if we added 1/2 more...' ho can we find out? etc. Also might be worth thinking about using cinnamon or nutmeg playdoh to give that extra sensory experience, even add some currants to it!

Thinking along Catma's theme regarding primer areas and CL - do they know what a Baker shop is? What a baker does? Maybe have some photos of bakery shops from the local area if possible? just ideas oh and of course using real money

Best of luck

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I think I would add on to my plans that I was covering some communication and language, knowledge and understanding of the world and being imaginative, oh and physical development.


There's likely to fe a heap of PSE in there too really!

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