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When playing with pebbles a little boy counted 5 (1:1 correspondence) then said "If we get 1 more there'll be 1,2,3,4,5,6". Later I asked him to give me 6 pebbles (from a larger group) - he gave me 7, checked how many, then realised his mistake and said "So we need to give one back". After taking the lunchtime register and counting 2 children for a school dinner, the same little boy said "So that means 3" and held up 3 fingers (without prompting) as another child arrived and wanted a school dinner too. He has shown confidence in almost half of the 40-60+m statements for number - he arrived in January and is now only 39m. During his initial assessment he counted 1:1 to 20 and recognised numerals 1-5. He is a very confident little boy in all areas of his learning. Where would you put him in terms of his mathematical development?

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