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Has anyone got any ideas of a christmas card that the playschool children could make. Withpout having too much adult input. we have done christmas trees, snowmen, angels using photo of childs face, foot print for body and two hand prints for the wings.

But this year we want something that the children can do unaided.


Thanks Rosemarie :o

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Why not just let them do a collage using lots of shiny bits and pieces in Christmas colours? Can't get any easier and more child led than that. And every one will be different.


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I agree with Linda, We have a variety of card shapes ie: tree's, Bells, Snowmen/lady, Crackers, Stars etc cut out and then just offer the children access to lots of materials to stick on them as they wish.

Inside we scribe who they want to give the card to, we also encourage the children to "write" their own name and praise even a squiggle, circle, line or whatever mark they make. We put their name on the back in very small print afterwards. Then the message inside is truly from them and evokes a sense of pride. :D




p.s. Did you get the free Kandoo tissue wipes?- I emptied these ( not enough to share out to all parents) and they are a great resource for storing and enabling easy access to a variety of collage materials. I have stuck a small peice of whatever is inside on the top lid with cellotape and children love pressing the button to open the lid and get the contents for their individual pictures / art work.

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Oh the Kandoo wipes - ours arrived this week!!! Not enough to give out to parents - I actually phoned the marketing department at the PSLA to say that I didn't think this company was very eco-friendly and should we be encouraging parents to use manufacturers who make soapy gloves etc. She was really suprised by my comments, and likewise I also said how do I choose which parents to give these out to - equal ops and all that. she took on board my points and whilst they said they did not necessarly sanction or approve the product - they do seem to be happy to obviously tie in with the company to make some money for themselves it appears. Correct me if I am wrong? Anyway we've stored them and will use them on ournature walks etc - we get through loads of them and like Peggy will use the boxes for storage - What did you do with all those wipes Peggy - no doubt you found a really good use for them too, please tell us.


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Incidental here...



I found a good use for "wet wipes" yesterday:


Coloured sugar paper - wet wipes (especially those with "nursery prints") - put wet wipe on paper, press hand (or foot) on paper. See what you get, look at those teddies (wow) draw round the hand/foot shape before it dries (etc.) Messy play without the mess!


KANDOO - can do! Can I have some?



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We put our wipes in the toilets for us to use for 'accidents' as we didn't have enough to give out either. Also plan to use the boxes!



Back to the cards tho....


A simple and effective card is to let children stick pieces of wrapping paper over card (some will fill it, some will only stick 1!) either pre-cut/torn or let them.

Once done they can stick ribbon on (in a cross if able) and a parcel bow (or tie your own)

Finished card looks like a wrapped gift.


Last year we did a star santa.

I know lots of you don't like the precut stuff but here goes (ducks out of the way of flying templates!)


Cut out

red 5 pointed stars,

small black triangles (to slightly overlap points of star),

black thin rectangles (to fit the body of the star),

small gold squares slightly bigger than width of rectangle (with the middle cut out if you can be bothered! Not too bad if you use foil paper that doesn't crease and fold to cut)

Pink,white or whatever skin colour you want circles (to fit the base of a point)


Have available

Cotton wool (or similar as I know some don't use it now)

Pens for drawing face



Basically the idea is that the red star is Santa, with teh top point his face and hat then the other 4 are his arms and legs.


We had an example made but allowed children to do it as they wished so not many followed the example but somehow they all looked like Santa!!

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Thanks all of you for the ideas I like the sound of the parcel card. We did'nt receive the free Kandoo tissue wipes but we are not members of the PLA prehaps that why

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