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Self Hardening Salt Dough


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Now then, not sure if i read about this on here or if i dreamt it .... but does someone use saltdough that hardens if let out overnight?


Many thanks Sarah xoxoxo

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My salt dough recipe says that you can leave it to harden at room temperature but it takes several days


300g flour

300g salt

200ml water

30ml veg oil


Mix together in the order written


I usually bake it though as it's quicker


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Used to make dough items and sell them but my mix was slightly different to carolyns, as i used less salt and water. Baking took a long time in very low oven 75 to 80C for 12 hours!! but it did stop dough cracking as is the tendancy... another way is to put them in a cold oven and start to gradually raise temp 75-80 for 1-2 hrs, then 100C for 2 hrs and so on until dry.


to test if it is dry is the same as bread...lift it up, tap the bottom and listen for the hollow sound.

I did find that it seldom took as long as they said as it did depend a lot on the items...small items could take 3 or 4 hours.


The higher the temp the more easily the dough rises, as it puts air bubble inot the item this makes it more fragile....but it deos give a lovely effect in Christmas decorations. Too high and it browns Ok if yoou do not want to paint it, or making something you want that colour ready to varnish.


Ssorry seem to have taken over the original post...and bet someone has a simpler method to dry them out.



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what temp and for how long Carolyn??

I never seem to get the "cooking" right! xD



It's a while since I've done it, but I looked it up in my Salt Dough book and it seems to be 120C/250F/Gas 1/2 for between 3 and 6 hours depending on how big the thing is that you've made. Not very precise I'm afraid :o



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Ive used cornflour clay that is self harding but it takes a few days to go go hard.


Making Cornflour clay

(Make just before you use it)


1 cut salt

2 cups cornflour

1 cup warm water

10mls oil (optional)


Place all in a saucepan mix well and heat until set together remove and need with some cornflour.



We paint it and cover it with PVA glue to finish it off.

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