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I'm not sure if i'm putting this in the correct place but i'll give it a go!

I'm a student studying PGCE early years course and i'm starting my first teaching practice in 2 weeks eeek! I'm working in a reception class and the topic is the 'Antartic'. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas and fun activities i could do? please help!!

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Hello Sallie, and welcome in.


I have some stuff, but unfortunately at work, will dig it out and try to get back to you


Sue  :D




Oh thank you! first time i've used this site so a little unsure! look forward to hearing from you.

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It may be your first, but it won't be your last!!!!! :o


This place should come with a health warning - seriously addictive!! But seriously now, it's great, lots of friendly folk with lots of ideas to share and a shoulder to cry on, too, when necessary


Sue :D

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Hi Sallie and welcome

I havnt dont the topic but have done lots of work on winter,ice snow etc so what about:


Desiging making clothes to keep you warm-

Making ice blocks for the childre to explore, good if you can freeze toys inside for them to dig out,

Mixing up different colour, blues, greens etc

The artist andy goldsworthy does lots of work with ice snow etc if you need some work to show the children,

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Do Penguins come from Antarctic? If so you could read Cuddly Duddley, The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins. The male emperor penguin is 1.3 metres tall - draw out a life size penguin and stick on a wall for chn to stand next to to see if they're taller - find things taller than/smaller than an Emperor penguin.


Number rhyme - 5 little penguins sitting on an iceberg

Far far away in the stormy sea

If one little penguin jumped into the water


How many peguins would there be?


Loads of 'ice' activities in the water tray. I remember my class from 2 years ago being 'into' the film Titanic (yes I know they were too young to have watched it! home viewing NOT school) and we made ice bergs in marg tubs and floated these and looked at how much was under the water (I got a very macabre photo as they also put a boat in and lots of play people - the boat floated and all the play people sank to the bottom - Don't know what OFSTED would have made of it :o


Good luck with your PGCE.



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we have always done this topic alongside the artic,so we could talk about the differences,north and south,colder and darker,polar bears and penguins etc we too have had ice in the water tray with small world,we were lucky enough to have snow when we did it so we went and collected the snow for the water tray,looked at it thru magnify glass etc went on an exhibition,what would we need to keep warm,clothes the best food etc we also talked about other artic animals the walrus and the seal and their blubber to keep them warm peguins coat to keep them warm and dry.will keep thinking! :)

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Hi there,

Done this based on the book 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen. It's a brilliant story that follows the journey of the smallest penguin , who can't swim when he follows his friends. They get fed up of the polar bears at the North Pole, so they swim to the South Pole.

Some brilliant ideas on here already. Here's a few we did.

We looked at a globe and where Penguin Small may have travelled-hot and cold countries.

Made puppets with laminated figures and also used them in a shallow tray with ice, shaving foam, pebbles and small world penguins, polar bears and walrus, whale, seals e.tc

Looked at pattern on jungle creatures and on The Snowman's scarf.

Also lent itself to what friends do

We also linked it to hot and cold with the senses and safety.

I love the number rhyme Harricroft.

If you don't mind I think I'll print that one out to add to my planning thanks

Regards Lynda

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I was watching a re-run of Pole to Pole, Michael Palin. Apparently everything has to be removed from the Antarctic. He said this as he was sitting on the toilet . :o


And hello from me sallie :D:D

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