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l am in a dilemma at the moment, my preschool is full at the moment but the toddlers room has space, We have children that need to be moved to preschool, but can't due to the space, l now want to join both rooms together and call it the over two rooms, a bit like free flow would OFSTED approve, would appreciate any help/advise please, both rooms are separate on the same floor. Thanks

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I don't think Ofsted would comment so long as the ratios were kept. Our playgroup has 2.5 yr olds to 4 going on 5 yr olds all in one big hall like most sessional playgroups in church halls. Having worked in day nurseries, I prefer it this way :)

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We have one main room for 2 years to school age and it works very well. My advice would be to check the EYFS space requirements as well as thinking of ratios.

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