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Hi everyone

Not sure if I am posting in the correct place ?!

I had an Idea to do a display that uses all 5 senses .We are doing growing at the moment so I thought the easiest thing to do would be a garden.

Today we made Daffodils I added Lemon food essence to the paint.

I thought of Blue Bells for sound

Orange Blossom (orange food essence)

Tomato and Onion for smell/printing

Sand in paint for touch ...........................

HAs anyone else got some ideas ?


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i have used a cd of nature sounds .........it was a meditation cd, sounds of the english country side I think it was called, really cheap from a satruday market stall......real flowers for smell and texture...I am hoping to do some natrual weaving with some shrub cuttings soon, for touch and smell, tie in the activities with books, we have a book bus from the libary, we are also doing growing, we planted some sunflower seeds, kids loved the compost and played with it for ages! great texture and the children used lots of lovely vocabulary to discripe it ..... ;) perhaps for taste you could buy some seeds to eat......I would love to try that but not pitched it to the manager yet lol x whoops just realised your making a display.......the weaving would be great.....not sure about the compost! you could put it in zip lock bags l ...ive seen people make the bags into those squashy sensory play bags by taping them to the windows! perhaps put seeds in there for them to squish about and find?

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