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installing prams onto several computers


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Hi Lincolnshire, welcome to the forum and congratulations on making your first post.

This is something that PRAMS wasn't designed to do, and not something that I recommend doing, however it is possible. Here are the ways of doing it in order of best to worst:

  • Store your setting data (.sg2 file and _images and _backup folders) on a network drive and open that directly from PRAMS using the "file > open" menu item. You will only be able to use the setting data file from one computer at a time.
  • Store your setting data (as above) on a USB flash drive and pass it around between your computers.
  • Create separate setting data files on each computer and somehow keep them up-to-date by copying them around. I strongly recommend you not to do this.

Alternatively, if you will be using PRAMS for different classes of children and you'll never want to collect them together for analysis or move children between them, you could have separate setting data files for the separate classes on separate computers.

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