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Maths planning for reception children


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Hi I am learning as I go about early years as previously I've been key stage one/two teacher. Can you help me with what a maths plan should consist of please? We will be covering the topic weights and our story of the term will be the hungry caterpillar. At the moment my maths planning is working but would like some reassurance...

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Are you just focused on weights for a term or half term? I would be a little worried that this was the only element of SSM you were supporting learning in as the range in the curriculum is quite wide and if you look at the ELG you can see this.

Children will also need a lot of opportunities in their continuous learning provision to embed their counting and SSM skills so you can observe them using them in order to support your EYFSP judgements in the summer. This is also part of the planning and will be a lot wider in range than the directly taught learning.

I would also say don't think of the hungry caterpillar as the learning - children could go their entire life without reading it and still learn to count/measure! What are your assessments telling you are the mathematical skills children need to progress, strengthen or haven't got yet? Your plans should reflect this thinking.

At this time of the year it is really important that reception teachers take stock and plan for sustaining skills, filling gaps and keeping an eye on progress across the ELGs to the expected outcome, or children who should/could achieve the Prime + Lit/maths goals can risk missing the good level of development measure because assessment hasn't been used well enough to inform on small gaps in knowledge/skills.


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